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                   松田敏美伝大東流合氣柔術練心館 松武会

 Our goal in establishing USA Branch National Standards is to ensure that a high standard of ethics, governing principles, collaboration, and technical excellence are adhered too at all times. In establishing these core standards, our mission to build the Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan Shoubukai Shidokai with a high technical and ethical standard will be met.

In the old days, there were no belts. However, in todays time its important to establish measurable standards that will allow us to meet our high standard for technical excellence. We put great emphasis on knowledge of principles, ability to execute principles with-in each technique, and maintaining correct physical and behavioral posture. Additionally, knowledge of history, tradition, and steady growth in the Japanese language is emphasized. 


Each student is expected to carry a journal and a notebook with which to document and study all material given. The curriculum is written in Japanese only (Beginners in Romanji and Hiragana). All students are expected to complete Hiragana studies with-in the first 6 months of study. Our standards are based on complete immersion. Please keep in mind that grades are not formal ranks. The grading system is in place for instructors to measure the progress of each student. 











Seisen Hiden Mokuroku is the first catalog that beginners will learn. Its broken into 6 categories totaling 36 waza. This first catalog covers critical principles to learn and is quite detailed. Intense study and attention to details are required. The first official rank is Shodan. Not all Shodan holders will receive the Seisen Hiden Mokuroku license right away. Takase sensei is very strict about this. 


It has to be understood that there are actually two different systems. There is Shidokai and Shoubukai. There are certificates or licenses and there are formal "dan" levels.  Both systems run parallel to each other. Not everyone will receive certificates. It is entirely possible to receive a formal level without a particular certificate. It is also entirely possible to receive a certificate with out a formal level. It's also possible to receive both the formal level and certificates. Remember that Daito Ryu only recently added formal levels to its curriculum. Prior to that only certificates were granted based on what sets of techniques were learned or mastered. 

Finally its important to know the progression of learners. There are Students, Disciples, and Uchi Deshi.  



In the Renshinkan Shoubukai Shidokai there are 8 formal levels or "dan's". These formal levels represent official ranks in the Matsuda Den. At this stage please refer to the IRJBF link to see the rank requirements from our Honbu dojo in Japan. 









                                          USA BRANCH STANDARD OF PUBLICATION

The USA Branch's standards of excellence are high. It's important to understand that their are always unwritten rules to follow even if you are unaware that they exist.  This is an important aspect of Japanese culture. Maintaining the correct etiquette and manners are high on our list of important standards. This forms the basis of our Branch Standard of Publication. 

  • Do not post any video's to a public domain/social media with-out approval. What you post in a public domain is not just about you. It is a direct reflection of your teacher and the entire Renshinkan all over the world. 

  • Discussion's involving other Daito Ryu Lineage's should never be disrespectful. Takeda Sokaku had many students. Many of them with Kyoju Dairi or Menkyo Kaiden certificates who now have their own lineages and followers. It is not your place to speak badly of any other lineages. To do so is unbecoming of a buyu and is rude and unacceptable here. 

                                                                           YOUR PATH AT OUR DOJO

Precepts of Heihou

  • Forging the mind and body is the end goal. Become a better you. 

  • Learn Politeness, Patience, Physical and Mental Endurance

  • Never lose your sense of gratitude

  • The mind must be flexible not fixed 

  • Become comfortable being uncomfortable for the path is not easy

What you should know when joining the our Dojo

  • Always finish what you start (Never Give Up)

  • Follow the rules

  • Your word is over-all most important. Always keep it. 

  • Honor has no time- Be very careful what you say 

  • Manners are extremely important. Be mind-of of your words and actions 

The Path in Budo

The path of Budo has been taught since ancient times and over time it has formed a culture of its own. The growing personalities of those who are chosen and/or have chosen to walk the path ultimately seek to find personal harmony and inner strength. By diligently training students develop their character. The forging process builds a life time fraternal bond among the practitioners, who through friendship, physical hardship, and mental endurance a connection in the spirit of Budo is forged.

The Mental Attitude (No Mind)- Mushin

  • During Keiko (practice) maintain sustained effort.

  • Do not try to learn from what you think is occurring. The eyes can not always be trusted. Allow your body and senses to feel the technique. Find inner understanding.

  • Never lose your passion.

  • Consider the words of your Senpai (those more experienced than you). They will help you in your path of growth. They must be taken with humility and kindness.

  • Vanity impedes progress and creates isolation

  • The forging process will test you emotionally. As you face adversity, strive to keep your mind calm and quite. 

Core Rules

  • Do not argue over technique. Follow the Sensei's instruction.

  • Do not train in other places with-out permission. Please provide this common curtesy to your Sensei.

  • Only licensed instructors are allowed to teach. 

  • Our techniques are for self defense ONLY. You are responsible for your actions. 


Admission Requirements

  • Anyone who wishes to be admitted as a student at the our dojo and intends to meet these conditions will be accepted

  • Admission requires a complete registration form with registration fee. 

  • A person who is admitted to the dojo must accept and obey the rules and conditions of the dojo

  • Anyone who acts against the precepts of the dojo or disrupts the morality of the dojo will be issued a dismissal order.

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