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      JAMIE ELLERBE, Shihan Dai

      Hiden Mokuroku

      Rokkudan (6th Degree)




      Jamie Ellerbe began his martial arts training on August 18,1980. Over the last three decades, he has strictly dedicated himself to researching, studying, and immersing himself in the martial arts of Japan. Jamie Ellerbe travels to Japan annually to teach Budo and study Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and is actively involved in the preservation of Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Nagano Ryu Heihou, and Asayama Ichiden Ryu Hyohou. Ellerbe sensei is passionate about the samurai culture, its values, traditions, and customs.


       On April 25, 2021, Jamie was given the honor of representing Renshinkan Daito Ryu as North Carolina's first official Renshinkan Dojo. In July of 2023 Jamie Ellerbe was promoted to Rokkudan (6th Degree) and granted the title Shihan Dai after completing Hiden Mokuroku (secret catalog), Shoden Mokuroku, Chuden Mokuroku, Joden Mokuroku, Okuden Mokuroku, and Gokuden Mokuroku. 



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