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 Our passion is to teach and preserve Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Jujutsu and Aikijujutsu in the United States of America.  Additionally, we take a modernized approach to self-defense, self-development, and organizational growth while keeping     with a high technical & philosophical standard.


 Our standards are based on a high moral code. However, we as an organization are passionate about Japanese martial arts, and with that passion there are responsibilities that we gladly accept. We highly value Honor, Dignity, Courage, Respect, and Perseverance. It is with these values that good people and martial artists are made. 



 As an organization, we are committed to technical excellence and the preservation of the Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Renshinkan tradition.  Our mission is to provide support and open collaboration with all Renshinkan schools nationally and internationally. 


                                                                                             OUR VISION

As an organization we are dedicated to building positive ethical relationships, maintaining exemplary behavior, and promoting the Renshinkan as a means to improving personal growth and the development of healthy minds and spirits. Our approach to the art is purely based on intense training, immersion, strength of will, ethical baselines and discipline. We strive to develop disciplined and determined minds with an intense focus on strategy and personal development.



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